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Since 2005 ROMANIAN HOSPITALITY NEWSLETTER has been a non-profit activity of Fivestar Hospitality, an activity that pleads for the development of the hotel, tourism and leisure industry in Romania. In order to cover some administrative expenses Fivestar Hospitality has allowed banners, advertorials, commercial messages or sponsored words according to an original communication policy. This way we have succeeded to settle in the mind of the community a series of national and international brands that have chosen to communicate though our channels.


You have the opportunity to promote your brand in ROMANIAN HOSPITALITY NEWSLETTER and on the website contributing with any amount you feel appropriate, choosing afterwards the best suitable means of promotion from the communication menu you can download below. Just tell us what you want us to make happen, we will not decline as long as we have available spaces. Independent of the contribution value and the activity of the company you represent, contributing to the development of our industry, you have the right to communicate through Romanian Hospitality Newsletter and

Please contact Fivestar Hospitality’s representatives to establish the communication package of choice and to receive bank transfer information. You can also use the PAYPAL method below. Thank you.

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