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Masterplan for the development of bathing spa tourism in Romania

The ministry of economy plans to approve in the Government a Masterplan for the development of bathing spa tourism in Romania, a document that proposes among others, the creation of a work group to launch a line of anti-ageing products based on thermal and mineral waters, the naming of ambassadors of this specific sector, but also the introduction of a new job description in Romania „resort entertainer”.
The anti-ageing work group will include medical doctors, paramedics, destination players, town halls and other relevant service providers that propose or want to propose anti-aging products.
„It is important that the repositioning of the bathing spa sector to be a process run on national level, that enables the different local differences by integrating them into the three sub-products envisaged: green bathing spa tourism, medical bathing spa tourism and anti–ageing tourism. This way a takeover of the valuable inherited assets is ensured along with an attractive  repositioning on the European market, a process that needs to harmonize modernization of current products with the creation of new ones”, shows the project presented by the ministry.
Authorities intend to develop a cluster for green bathing spa tourism on national level, that would ensure the development and the promotion of bathing spa products and ecotourism on the international market. The cluster would help the bathing cities to find the required financing and the private partners to develop innovative products.
The budget for the cluster will be EUR 30.000 EUR, but later on it will become independent through membership fees and the use of European funds.
The masterplan proposes also the creation of a DMO (Destination Management Organization), an association of public and private market players interested in the development of medical tourism in Romania, especially regarding its bathing spa component.
Ambassadors of this sector will be appointed also according to the masterplan – sports people, actors, musicians – they will present the benefits of using the resources and products available in Romania.
The foreign arrivals statistics in bathing destinations are showing encouraging growths yoy, of course under the awareness of the fact that the base of analysis was rather small, as currently only 10% of the total arrivals happen in the bathing spa destinations.
Romania is among the best endowed countries when it comes to bathing spa resources, as a third of the mineral and thermal waters of the continent are said to be found here. 

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